Privacy policy

  1. Information Collecting
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Changes to this policy

1. Information Collecting

We collect and use your information to improve our Services. The basic information you gave us during the signup process is the only information you have to give us mandatory for using Nobedad.

Your username is visible in the comment section. It is not mandatory for your username to be equal to your real name, you can use a pseudonym.

We also collect the information about the topics you follow and blogs you follow to improve our Services. If you communicate with us, either through mail or another medium, we may contain this information.

It is also possible to provide us with payment information which is needed if you want payout or billing features enabled.

Nobedad also uses cookies to enhance your visit to our Platform and Services. We use some of our cookies to collect data to improve our Services.

When you login to Nobedad we maybe receive information about your location, like your IP address. We use this data to deliver you relevant content. If we cannot find your location we will default this to the United States

It is possible to share your paypal email address or a bitcoin address with us to ensure you retrieve your withdrawals. You don't have to give us this information, but it is needed for payouts.

It is possible to share your date of birth with us. We use this data to ensure ourself that you are old enough to use Nobedad. We also use this information to show you content that is relevant for you.

Nobedad may use the content you have read or which you have posted to determine which topics you might like. We use this to show you relevant content.

2. Information Sharing

Articles and blogs you post are immediately public on Nobedad and searchable.

It is visible for other users which blogs and topics you follow. It is also visible which people you follow or which people follow you.

We do not share your personal information except in the circumstances described underneath. This also mean we do not sell your personal information to third parties to use for their own marketing purposes.

We may preserve ourself the right to share your data if we think it is necessary to comply with a law or regulation. The data we share is the data you have willingly put in the platform yourself like blogs or profile images.

3. Changes to this policy

Sometimes we will change this Privacy Policy. The version stated on this page is the most current version and this version is also the applied version.

Last change: October 1, 2018