Nobedad Partner program

The Nobedad partner program is a program made to support writers and publishers on Nobedad to generate revenue on their own articles. They are able to generate this revenues because of the display of advertisements on their account or the displayment of a Donation button.

With the donation button on all of your articles you give your readers an opportunity to donate directly to your account. With the advertisement option you earn a share of the revenues made on your account if people click on the advertisements displayed.

By supporting our writers and publishers we hope on creating a creative community in which writers and publishers can create astonishing articles to share with the world.

Every Nobedad user can participate in our Nobedad Partner Program. To join the Nobedad Partner Program you have to visit the Partner Program settings page. To pay you out we need your paypal email address or a bitcoin address which you can fill in on your Partner Program settings page. You have to enable donations and advertisements on your blog settings page. Participation in the Nobedad Partner Program has some policies which you can see below.

Start writing

Create a blog and write amazing articles.

Gather views

Share your articles on other social media.

Get paid monthly

Get paid monthly in shared advertisement revenues.

Nobedad partner program policies:
  1. You need to have at least 50 readers and you need to have at least 1000 views on the combined efforts of all your blogs before you can join the Nobedad Partner Program.
  2. Writers are not allowed to click on the ads shown on their own blog to inflate advertisement clicks.
  3. Writers are not allowed to ask others to click on the ads shown on their own blog to inflate advertisement clicks.
  4. Writers are not allowed, in any way, to create implementations to automatically click on the ads shown on their blog to inflate advertisement clicks.
  5. Writers are not allowed to create or commission third party sites or tools to artificially boost their views or blog reader amounts.
  6. Writers are not allowed to sell their blog/account for monetary profit.
  7. Writers are only allowed to display advertisements on articles with self-produced content without use of copyrighted content of others.
  8. We are not responsible for the email address you filled in as your payout address.
  9. You must, at all times, comply with our Nobedad partner program policies. Violating any of these policies will result in a ban on your account and/or blog at any time and refund the gathered revenues to our advertisers.

Are you ready?
If you are still ready to join the Nobedad partner program you can visit your partner program settings page to fill in the needed information.

The Nobedad partner program policies can change from time to time. Requirements to join in on the partner program could change in the future.

Last change: August 4, 2019