How to generate more views on your articles?

If you want more views on your articles you have to work really hard on your blog. You have to write articles. You have to write daily to keep your readers happy. And you have to write good, new content. It is important to do this. Also, if you write new content you will become more prominent in the blog overview and in the search sections of Nobedad.

You have to engage with your audience by commenting and by replying on other people's comments. It is also important to answer your Direct Messages.

It is also important that you share your articles on your own social media accounts to show your audience your articles. Every article has share buttons which you can use to spread your articles over the world. You can use Facebook and Twitter to engage with your own circle but, as example, you can use Reddit to reach new people on the subjects you are writing about.

Remember, longer articles are better than short articles.

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