How can i improve my blog?

Pick a good description
The first thing of course is to pick a good description for what your blog is about. People see this description if they search and in other places. It is their first point of decision on whether they are going to read your blogs or not.

Profile image and header image
I also see a lot of blogs which still don't have a profile picture. Without a profile picture the standard image will be displayed. Which is not that interesting at all. This is also the case with the header image. If you don't pick one the standard image will be shown.

Use topics
Use topics on your articles. With these topics your articles will be linked to the topics. So another way to show people your blogs. Without topics added to your articles they will only be displayed to your readers and people who share it. So pick topics and add them consequently on your articles to improve them. For example, if you write about sports add the topic sports or sport. Like you can see on this article i added: Update, Nobedad, Tips and Tricks. So if someone wants to know more about Nobedad they only have to click on the topic Nobedad and they will see this article.

Share your articles. 
Above every article you can see share buttons. Use them to share them on your own social media accounts. Facebook is a great way to reach a enormous audience. But also don't forget about websites like Reddit which can really boost your views.

Write good articles
Write articles people want to read. When you finished writing an article think about it: should i read this if i saw it? if this is not the case, edit your article until you think it is good. You will gather more readers and people will read more of your articles.

So things you have to do and which you can do very quickly:
  • Add a blog profile image.
  • Write a good description.
  • Pick a header image for your blog.
  • Add topics to your articles.

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