How can i generate revenues on my articles?

Generating revenues on your articles

If you want to partner up with Nobedad and earn revenue on your articles you will first have to fill in your billing information and subscribe to the Nobedad Partner Program. After doing this you are able to enable the display advertisement switch in your blog settings. After that advertisements will show up on your articles.

In the blog settings screen you can also change your donation settings. If you check this box a donation button will pop up underneath your articles. With this button your readers are able to donate money to your Nobedad account.

You can get to the Nobedad Partner Program section by visiting the link below:

You can get to your blog settings by going to your blogs and clicking the settings link, you can find your blogs here:

You are only paid when people click on the advertisements below your article.

If you want to generate more revenue you have to gather more views on your articles. You can generate more views by creating more articles and share them on your social media accounts.

The Nobedad partner program policies can change from time to time. Requirements to join in on the partner program could change in the future.

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