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Youngsters politics

Youngsters politics
Political entry of youngsters
Dear Youngsters,
There is a huge vacuum in the society and we are the correct person to fill that. Yes, the political situation of tamilnadu is becoming worse everyday. Politicians forget the thing that why they came into power and how they came into that place. They forget that they are the social servants and they behave like the creator of society. Yes, but this is not only their mistake but our mistake too. They are not actually the creators of the world but we used to create a frame like that. They are our representatives to speak out our needs and problems. We too doing the mistake every five year, Getting money for the votes and putting votes for the money. Now the total society got corrupted by the corrupted politicians. Its difficult to clean the whole but we are in the need to plucked off that. As a youngsters,We are in the need to enter politics. We have to think about our society which made us. Our society is lacking good leaders to lead the country in the good path. Nowadays youngsters are not even ready to speak about politics because they think that politics is very different thing and very far away object in their life. We the youngsters have to understand that politics is everywhere and what the politics is. Talk about politics atleast half an hour a day. Think about the political situation of our country. One thing coming to my mind when I am writing this, during my college life, after state assembly elections, we talked about whom we vote and for which reason we vote that party or a person like that. That time, one of my frnd told that my father asked me to vote for that party, that'swhy i did. After this reply from my friend i felt something bad and i got panic where our society going on. We are in the age of leading the country but still we are voting for someone's wish or a compulsion. We have to think. We have to change something to see the change what we want. We have to support the political entry of youngsters. My father was very much interested in politics but he never allow me to get interest in politics because he knows politics is not good but he forget that we have make the bad as good. We have to build the healthy nation with the power ultimate youngsters. If politicians decide to make India as the developed country, they can do in a decade but they can't do and actually they don't want to do that because the only thing they concentrated on is how to win the next election. The politicians filled their mind with the thought to win the election, nothing other than that. Parents have the responsibility to encourage their children to enter politics. We want change but we don't want the change by us but someone else. This is not fair. We have to bring the change what we want.
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Mankind like you to change the things where I want to see the change

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