Is Education necessary?
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Why Education?

Education leads your people to grow, to productive; just having good defense is not enough. country is like a tree, people are root and army is the branches, you must make strong the roots for well fertilizing of the tree.

Today, in the modern world there are many states which make
them develop or establish by attaining education. Those states that have
dedicated their time and resources for better education can be seen among the
top countries like Canada, England, China, German, France and many other
countries. In Pakistan, approximately half of the population is illiterate and
there is a reason of less development in the country as well as many issues
faced by Pakistan in every sector. Education is the key factor of development
of every country; you can take the example of China and Japan. However, government should be focus on increasing the
education institutes, raise the level of education, focus on check and balance,
increase the salary package of the teachers as well as the fee should be
affordable even for poor civilians.

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