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Who Created God: Part One

Who Created God: Part One
The more awareness you bring to your behavior, the quicker it will shift. Most importantly, be patient with yourself while you're learning to have more patience.

Be gentle with yourself and Dream Life Mastery Review begin by simply noticing without judgment when you're being impatient. Remember to step into your Observer I role, so that you can impartially observe yourself. In some recent studies a group of us have been looking at some of the early questions in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

When man first rebelled and question God and disobeyed he realised how serious the situation was and he thought he could hide from Almighty God among the trees, but our compassionate and concerned and caring God came asking Where are you. God was giving the couple the chance to straighten things out right away.

They had realised they were naked and they dressed themselves with leaves. Can you imagine that hassle and bother and sheer difficulty. They had got their information from a very wrong and bad source. There are many voices out there and we have to sift through them and even filter them.

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