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What to do for select a seat in Air Canada?

What to do for select a seat in Air Canada?
If I skip seat selection in Air Canada website reservation, do I get a random seat and not pay any extra fees?

Seat selection is one of the most important aspects of booking flight reservations for travelers especially for frequent travelers. Many travelers prefer to sit on the window seat, some wants the aisle seat and yes some also like to sit on the middle sit, strange, isn’t it? Well Air Canada is one of the popular airlines companies around the world for providing its customers amazing services and full comfort and this company also takes of your seat selection in its own ways. Passengers can avail their Air Canada seat selection service online and below are some of the points which might clear your doubts regarding skipping seat selection process on the website.

  • If a passenger has been unable to go through the seat selection process and has successfully checked in the airport, in that case, Air Canada will provide him/her a random seat without charging any extra amount.
  • If a passenger wants to choose his seat without going through the online seat selection process then he/she has to reach to the airport quickly as possible before the checking in. The representative at the airport will help the passenger regarding the seat selection process.
  • If the passenger wants to upgrade the seat from the standard seat classes then he/she has to pay extra charges for that.

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