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What is the scope of B.Sc. IT in the Government Sector

So, this course is a benefit to the individual in the private as well as government sector.
Before knowing the scope of B.Sc. IT in the government sector, let us be aware of this course first. It is an undergraduate course of 3 years that is associated with the field of Information Technology. This course revolves around processing, managing the information, storing and securing.

There are many candidates who opt for B.Sc in IT . The topics that are covered in this course are programming, Networks, and software development and testing.

The scope of the jobs especially in the government sector is really wide. You can peep into many career opportunities once you complete your course. The jobs are:
Technical Apprentice: The responsibility of Technical Apprentice is to manage the apprenticeship, increase the opportunities in the trade, set the program standards and issue the credentials.
Computer Assistant: Guiding the customers on how to perform the maintenance tasks and using computer software and hardware in order to prevent future problems is the work of Computer Assistant. The assistance is provided to the customers in managing and setting the accounts, performing specific tasks on the computer and using the computer program.

Enumerators: These are also known as census takers. Their work is conducting the research on behalf of the US Census Bureau. The household and demographic information are collected by them by canvassing their assigned areas. The work for the population and housing census that occurs after every ten years.

This course provides a fair chance to the candidates who have interest an in the field of Information Technology.

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