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What Genre to write on?

Write from the heart not the head

If you love writing stories and you want to write a story but you don't have the slightest idea on what to write about,.

Why don't you write based on your personality, if you are Gothic write about darkness and place it under paranormal, if you are the funny type that makes people laugh, write on humor and if you are the type that loves science and is curious about so many things then dear the science fiction booth is opened for you to pour your imagination.

Don't just write the character, be the character, add some little touches to the character, you can make the character be like you or possess your qualities, sometimes it doesn't have to be about make believe things yunno? . Give room for a real part, make the readers feel what you feel when writing, don't write from the head, write from the heart, let your words flow like a bird singing but with unknown lyrics, leave people wondering in your own world..

If you write based on your personality, people will understand more, and by personality I don't mean all that is going on in your life, I mean the feelings you feel, write them down and see who feels them too, nobody in this world is without emotions, blood runs through our veins so definitely people will turn up Greatly..........

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