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What changes Nobedad company should make .

What changes Nobedad company should make .
This article will bring a revolution between all bloggers companies and sites . [ If followed my advice by Nobedad Management Board ]
Hello ! Everyone , Welcome back again to my blog Amey Kambli.
Today's article is a special one , What changes Nobedad should make.
I have always been a regular writer for this blog. And even the official account of Nobedad is reader of my blog. I have started writing blogs from since August , 2018 , and I have enjoyed writing on it eveytime.
But , " One should always try to be better than others, " is my belief . So , in this article I am going to state some changes that Nobedad should make.
1 } Local National Currencies should be made available.
My nationality is Indian , and our local currency is a Indian Rupee . We earn money in dollars , but it's my request to management board to make available currency exchange option , as all like to earn in their own national currency.
2 } Introduce the new dark theme.
As applications like YouTube , have introduced new dark theme pattern , this pattern has gain more popularity, I think so by Dark Theme , Nobedad will become more cool and catchy.
3 } Start competitions between bloggers.
"Competition makes man more skillful" , I think so, Nobedad should make some competitions like , 'Blog Of The Week ' or 'Article Of The Month' and winner of each competiton should get almost minimum $5.
4 } Start Advertising at a bigger platform like YouTube.
To make more popular Nobedad , try advertising it at bigger platforms like YouTube .By more ads ,People will get more interest regarding Nobedad , and at one day , it may become world's popular blogger site.

I think so, share this article to more and more people , so that it will get quickly on the eyes of Nobedad Management board.
So Goodbye ! My lovely readers.

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A200 profile image
A200 02 February, 2019
Amey K profile image
Amey K 02 February, 2019
Thanks Marvin and Nobedad Co. for praise. My one request to you , to start doing the job , included in article.
Nobedad profile image
Hi! We are definitely looking at implementing Rupee next to US Dollar! Your ideas are very interesting for us :)
Marvin profile image
Thats sounds good!