Change our thinking
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We should to change our mindset ..

I am belonging to village .I see many people said when you get job you accomplish everything yes we agree .. job is not everything we have talent in another field like cricket , football , chess but we can not do anything because we belong to middle class
I am vipul sadwin from Bihar. I am from village area. I am student . In village area people , #parents says to student son you have to do #job because job is everything because you are from #middle class #family. But never ask what you want to do . Yes we agree job is everything but we student have another talent where we ruin our talent for #achieving the dream of our #parent and became more rich than our #neighbors .. where if any #student who have not interest in #study who have another #talent like he want to play cricket , football , chess these #student are just like #waste in the view of parent & #society & he can not do anything in life because he is not interested in study he cannot be #cricketer , #footballer . because parents not support in sports activity..
Students are forced to study by parent in this condition many student loss their control when they can not get job & forced by #parent they committed #wrong things .. here I mean to say parents don't #love their son . Here I mean to say our parent #loves us they can do anything for us but they want
my son get success if he do job they don't think except job many thing we can do . I want this #people change their mindset because all student have not same talent we have another talent keep supporting us if you see we are eligible for this . But When we don't get support we ruin our talent we can not #happy because in our mind only thing I want to do this but I can not do it ..
I am belonging to village area. By this #article I just want to send message to all people pls change their mindset ..
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In village area people think when you got job you accomplish everything. Because student belong to middle class family. But many student have another talent in other field . But we kill our talent for achieving dream of parent we ruin our talent

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