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We mourn for our lady

We mourn for our lady
What happened to the Notre Dame is truly heartbreaking. I can't describe how stunned I was when I heard what happened. Paris has always held a special place in my heart. This one's for Paris. This one's for shattered dreams and dreams waiting to come true.
Today's is from my heart. Truely. Sincerely. Unpolished.

As we all are aware, Paris' centuries old Notre Dame caught fire, burning the beautiful architectural wonder and some of it's relics. To many it will be a loss of heritage and history, but to me it was more, so much more. From my introductory piece you would gather that Paris is my dream destination. And so it is. Ever since I started taking French lessons I feel a familiar ache that draws me closer to the gorgeous hexagonal landform that is France. Furthermore, ever since I read "The hunchback of Notre Dame", I have wanted to visit the ancient cathedral. Historical and majestic, the tourist attraction of Paris tugged me towards it with a gentle force. I have wanted to visit Paris for a long time now. But, alas, it shall not be possible for me to fulfill my dream for a long time. Hence, you can imagine my hurt when I heard of the fire. There is no doubt that the French authorities will proceed to rebuild an restore Notre Dame to her former beauty but, it pains me to think that I never got to admire it before the vicious flames enveloped it's grand structure. I suppose that just goes to show how temperamental everything is. Nothing lasts forever, but as a highly intellectual and previously evolving avenger once said "A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts.". Paris will continue to be wonderful with the newly reconstructed Notre Dame. Nevertheless, I still wish that I could have seen it earlier. Let this be a lesson for us all. Sometimes we may want to do certain things that aren't possible for a variety of reasons. But, what is possible, what can be accomplished with a moment's courage, must be. We must try. We must do what we want to, while we still want to, while we still can.

A cartload of love to Paris and it's lovely people. "Let beauty come out of ashes". Stay strong, the world prays for our lady.
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