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NAKURU is the town of Tranquillity and Diversity in Tourism
VISIT KENYA - Image 1My last article on magical kenya was on Nairobi city the capital of Kenya.This week am sharing on the city on Tranquillity and diversity in TOURISM. Its my native place Nakuru town, sitting northwest of Nairobi about 154km with a population of 1.6 million people it has diverse tribes from Kenya and tourists around the world.Nakuru is well known for its Tourism, the city of flamingo.VISIT KENYA - Image 2From Lake Nakuru, the salty lake stands at an elevation of 1754m above sea level,it lies south of Nakuru. The lake's abundance of algae used to attract a vast quality and quantity of the tall birds(flamingos) lined at the shores Nakuru County has several National parks that are pact with wild animals, VISIT KENYA - Image 3It hosts the Eastern rhino's and the only remaining southern white rhino in the world,that are on the verge of extinction due to poaching of this beautiful wild animal. Nakuru sceneries are diverse, the menengai crater which is a dormant volcanic mountainVISIT KENYA - Image 4The town host one of the iconic historical sites such as the Lord Egerton castle which belongs to Egerton University, the castle was built in 1938 by Lord Egerton from Britain who out of love decided to erect a beautiful castle for her girlfriend, but the Girl rejected the house. Lord Egerton banned all women from the castle ever since. Built by Indian labourers with imported marbles and tiles from Italy, Lord Egerton castle its a place to visit.VISIT KENYA - Image 5Nakuru town is also know from hosting great sports such as rugby,during the weekends sports fans lovers roms into Nakuru to watch variety of sports but what always mouth watering is rugbyVISIT KENYA - Image 6When planning to visit Nakuru why not check out some of the best hotels such as sarova woodlandsVISIT KENYA - Image 7the merica hotelVISIT KENYA - Image 8and many more. As you watch the beautiful view from Hells gate National Park in NakuruVISIT KENYA - Image 9the beauty of Nakuru trance verses in many way. As the holiday is with us why not visit this amazing town and experience the hospitality and beauty of it.VISIT KENYA - Image 10

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