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Venezuelan elections: Maduro probably winner.

Venezuelan elections: Maduro probably winner.
The votes aren’t even counted but current president Maduro is probably going to win.
Venezuela, a country in a huge economic and politic crisis has election day. After the votes are counted a new president will be elected.

But the president will probably not be a new one. Nicolás Maduro is expected to win the elections because the opposition boycotted the elections and other opponents are in prison or excluded from participating in the elecions.

The US and EU will ignore the outcome of the election in advance because they do not believe the elections in Venezuela will be fair elections.

Venezuela, rich of oil, has become one of the most poor countries in the world underneath the reign of president Nicolá Maduro.

Inflation numbers are enormous and already 1 million Venezuelan people fled the country, mostly to Colombia and the Lesser Antilles Islands.
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