Maithil Aahar
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Nisha is 35 ,lost her fiancé just one month after their engagement. She is still waiting for him to turn up. She has kept him alive in herself. Great soul.. Great Love.. Real Valentine...
It was Valentine's Day and she had the desire to see him and spend the whole day together. She was perfectly ready for going out.. she wore a blue Georgette saree with embroidered blouse. Accompanied by beautiful silver Chand balis that he presented her sometime back,Kajal her favourite thing..and a red matte lipstick.lastly she took a sling bag and slipped her feet into a peach colour peep toes. She hired rickshaw and started..
Rikhshaw wala: Kothai jaben Didi?(where can I drop U?)
She: Oi neem tala nie cholo,okhanei nambo(take me to neemtala).
She got down there,paid rikhshaw,walked inside the cremation ground, stood there and said.... Happy Valentine's Day Love❤ see m here as promised.
She promised her fiancé..wherever she would be ,she will definitely meet him on this day. And she is keeping her promise for five years now. Love is what can keep u alive or finish u completely.
Happy Valentine's Day Nisha and Rajeev. Love blooms only if u water it with ur faith.
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Hello.. m here with loads of lost cuisines of mithilanchal...

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