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Unlocking your puzzles

Unlocking your puzzles
How to solve your problems
Unlocking your puzzle
Life’s problems are like puzzles we try to unlock in order to find a suitable ground. The purpose of our existence on earth is to learn, often times we learn through trials by using our knowledge of life has a guiding compass to a better future that we are yet to discover. Problems are part of our day to day activities which is inevitable in some ways. Some of us see these in a different light depending on the kind of issues at hand, few people believe that failure in school is a major problem that can lead to depression or in worse case suicide, while majority may see failure in school has nothing but a scenario in which they believe reading hard will change the circumstances. Problems are viewed differently by different people in a different manner. The issue now is how we view our problems in the appropriate manner. Not dealing with problems in the right way may lead to anxiety, depression, fear, suicide thoughts and many more. There are ten steps to be considered in dealing with any sort of problems which I would be addressing below:

Identify your problems
Build a bridge
Don’t worry about your problems
Learn from others
Don’t pile up issues
Don’t ignore irrelevant issues
Differentiate between a problem and a challenge
Seek advice
Make use of the advice

IDENTIFY YOUR PROBLEMS: Most times it is quite difficult to know you have a problem, majority blame their short comings on others. It is not easy to admit to things that are so awful about yourself, to admit to the fact that you need to change some certain aspect of your life. Change is difficult and at the same time it is inevitable, even human growth is as a result of change, from infant to an adult. Animals and plants grow, the nature that surround us from the little birds of the sky to the king of the wilderness all grow abundantly to maturity. When you refuse to identify that you have a problem, then you cease to grow, you cease to learn and above all you began to feel stressed out in life. When you identify you have a problem, you don’t have to see it has a burden but instead has a stepping stone to reach greater height in life. For a man without a problem is not living.

ACCEPTANCE: After you have identified your problems, the next step is to accept it. “Oh! This is my problems and I need to solve them”. Don’t make excuse; you have to build the assurance that you can handle it. Immediately you waiver, fear creeps in, anxiety swallow your complete being and then you will did be a slave to depression. Your state of mind must be as settled and collected as ever, ignore all the danger flash light and think of a probable way to solve the identified problems. Acceptance of what has happened is a step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune

BUILD A BRIDGE: A bridge has no allegiance to either side, but unfortunately when dealing with problems they do have allegiance to either side, since an unsolved problem may stem up a fresh problem due to neglect. In order to build a bridge to your problems successfully, you must make sure to solve a problem completely without any residue. How can you do that? First of all, write them out like a plan, and you can as well make a list, then attempt them one after the other until you are completely sure there is nothing left to address. Secondly, left over problems are more critical than a fresh one, the length you use in ignoring the issue will be different from the length you will use in solving them, so therefore do not keep your problems for later, bridge them as they come. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. The hardest thing in life is to learn which bridge to cross and which to burn.

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS: Worrying is like a revolving chair that goes round and round and then knock you down. Worry is a disease to the soul, it eat your valuable intestine and leave you with bones, if you want to look pretty run as far as you can from a deadly disease called worry. The most devastating thing about it is that, it doesn’t solve the initial problem instead it creates another such as anxiety, depression and all sorts. How can you evade worrying? First of all, occupy your mind with productive things; if normally you are the type who sleeps a lot, change your hobby do something that engage your mind, like writing, exercising or perhaps watch movies like comedy. You can as well go out with friends to refresh your mind, make sure your out with those that bring out the best in you and not those that are looking for an opportunity to complicate it. Secondly, don’t fret, remove every inch of fear from your thought. Don’t look hopeless, Fake it till you make it, face the world with a bright smile and you will become what you let out. Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

LEARN FROM OTHERS: No one is an island of knowledge, try to confide in people don’t be too bottled up in your little world of fear and recurring problems. Reach out to those you believe can help you, don’t be stubborn and prideful. A prideful heart is like a piecing sword that stake beyond repair, pride leads to total destruction. Don’t be shy to ask for guidance, learning creates an opportunity for change to occur, a positive change when learning is taken from the right source. How do you differentiate the right source from the bad one? First of all, study the life of the person you intend to approach, some people seem to have a perfect life but the truth is no life is perfect it only depends on how you handle your problem or solve life issues. When you notice the swiftness in their approach to problems then you can consult them. Secondly, consult a professional to address your issue; there are people who are majorly there for guidance and counseling on every aspect of life since we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking use in creating them. A lack of knowledge create fear, seeking knowledge create courage the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

DON’T PILE UP ISSUES: Procrastination sometimes create more problems, don’t for whatever circumstances pile up your problems like materials for building construction. Problems germinate like plant, if you don’t nurture them they grow into weed. When you ignore something that you can solve with little stress it will grow stronger than your might and it is then that people talk about suicide due to heavy problems in life. Before these problems become heavy you should address and discard them into the waste bin. Don’t allow your problems to grow, kill them when they are still premature.

DON’T IGNORE IRRELEVANT ISSUES: When solving your problems don’t ignore irrelevant issues, there are some issues that seem irrelevant but are the source of your problems. Take note of every detail while tackling life issues.

DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN A PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES: “I have a problem!” you hear utterances of this statement all the time. Everyone has a problem. But do they really have a problem? In the world of relationships, especially in strained relationships and divorce, it’s easy to feel that there are problems. It all comes down to how you look at it. What is a problem?
Any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty or difficulty
Problem is generally viewed as a negative. To most people when something is wrong, hard, or bad, it is a problem. When dealing with divorce and the strained relationship that comes with an ex, and negative reaction from friends only open up to disappointment
What is a challenge?
Something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest or use special effort.
A challenge is an opportunity for success and growth. It is not an easy thing but by approaching an obstacle as a challenge rather than a problem, you retain the power to act upon it, influence and determine the outcome. Not all life issue is a problem, some are merely a challenge to grow in life, the moment you are able to differentiate a problem from a challenging situation then you are one step closer to a solution.

SEEK ADVICE: Discussion is an exchange of knowledge, when you discuss with people of wider knowledge of what you are passing through then it relieves you of your burden. It will put your mind at ease and everything that seems utterly impossible will become possible. You will be able to learn from other peoples experience and use it to solve the present issues in your life. It is very important to seek knowledge from an experience person. When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from those who never left home.

MAKE USE OF THE ADVICE GIVEN: It is a different thing to get advice and it is a different thing entirely to put it into use. Just like when you receive a lecture in school and you refuse to go over what you are being taught after lecture, you can lose valuable points said by your proposed lecturer in class. Advice should be viewed in the same light, if you refuse to execute what you learn then you will find yourself going back to the same problems over and over again without a probable solution. Time is not the main thing it is the only thing that you don’t have control over, the only thing to do with a good advice is to pass it in. Advice is like a snow, the softer it falls, the deeper it goes, allow it to go deep.

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