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Understanding The Salesforce CRM Software, And Why You Will Need Salesforce Consulting?

Understanding The Salesforce CRM Software, And Why You Will Need Salesforce Consulting?
ExistBI Certified Salesforce Consulting Professionals deliver consulting and training to clients in the US, UK and MEA

Have you ever thought of a CRM
solution for your business? You may have a small business setup but that does
not mean a customer relationship management software is not a smart investment.
Customer relationship management helps bring you close to your customers,
identify their needs and take a personal approach to cater to those needs. If
you are looking for a CRM solution and confused about which platform to opt
for, you should make a decision carefully before you put your hand on just any
platform. Salesforce
can help you keep your customers satisfied while improving
your marketing strategies and sales.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the leading Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) platform worldwide. The idea behind Salesforce
was to provide a low cost and low maintenance platform that helps businesses
manage all customer interactions so that it can grow based on the information
collected and become more profitable, while providing tailored and superior
customer support.

It can help you to connect with your
customers beyond the checkout point. You will be able to develop more
meaningful relationships by understanding your customers’ needs, identifying
new opportunities, addressing problems faster and deploying modern mobile apps
that are fast and focused on customers. Salesforce helps businesses:

Ø Get more leads and convert them into

Ø Increase customer loyalty

Ø Improve customer retention and
satisfaction levels

Ø Anticipate customers’ needs and wants
based on their past buying behavior

Ø Connect with your customers one on
one, through social media, mobile applications and more

Ø Monitor and manage your business no
matter where you are, and what time it is.

Why Salesforce?

Apart from being the leader in
modern, sophisticated and full-feature CRM platforms, it helps new and on-going
businesses by reducing their IT related costs. All platforms offered by
Salesforce run on Cloud technology, therefore you will not have to worry about
the design and infrastructure of a physical data warehouse. Moreover, being a
cloud based CRM platform, it does not incur expensive setup costs and requires
no maintenance. This way you can enjoy interacting to your customers and
cherish those relationships without worrying about a reduction in your income.

Cloud based CRM solutions also offers
businesses the opportunity to adopt a modern work environment where everything
is operated through mobile devices like smartphones, Apple computers and products,
tablets etc. All-in-all, Salesforce offers you the freedom to grow your
business when you want, and the way you want.

Do I still need Salesforce

Salesforce consulting can help you
identify what you really need to change at this point in time to retain your
customers and still continue to grow. It can help you send personalized and
targeted messages, trigger these messages on customer actions, increase
salesforce productivity and revenues, deliver continuous shopping innovations,
conquer personalization with artificial intelligence, unify every channel of
customer interaction and much more.

ExistBI is one of the leaders in
providing business intelligence and Salesforce consulting. Here is a
short video on how we approach a Salesforce project:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOauWMzsf0c .

For more information, stay tuned to
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