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Types of Indian necklaces that add a Difference in Your Jewelry Box

Types of Indian necklaces that add a Difference in Your Jewelry Box
There are different types of necklaces available and many women just know the few. Here get some of the most beautiful Indian necklaces.

The love that Indian women have for their jewelleryis unquestionable. Indian ladies all over the world are acknowledged for the extensive collection of jewellery that they adorn themselves with. The land is a treasure chest of unique and innovative accessories that ornament the tip to toes of her ladies. Indian necklaces have an extraordinary place in the international jewelry industry. It is fantastic to see that the Indian jewellers have come up with many such varieties.

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How Many Have You Heard Of?

What many Indian women do know that the necklaces that originate in India have unique names. Also, they vary from each other in different ways. The collar necklaces, to start with, are no more than 14 inches in length. They would wrap around your neck. They, however, go better with western outfits. Choker necklaces are about 16 inches in length. It is one of the most preferred styles of necklaces among Indian brides. The princess necklaces are slightly longer, about 19 inches. They fall over the collar bone. Justifying its name, these sophisticated necklaces give a princess-like feel. You can pair these versatile accessories with both Indian and Western outfits. The matinee necklaces measure about 24 inches. They rest over the cleavages. These Indian necklaces are ideal for dresses having a deep neckline. The opera necklaces can measure anything from 25 inches to 30 inches. Another favorite among Indian brides, they look especially useful when paired with chokers. Finally, the lariat style of necklace is really long, which can be worn in loops.

About The Regal Rani Haar

The Rani haar, which literally means the Queen's necklace is a classic choice for women of all ages. They are quite long, extending downwards. You can find them in both bejeweled and beaded versions. Rani haars with pearl beads are a favorite among senior women having excellent taste. You can also find some amazing creations in semi-precious stones. Other variations of these Indian necklaces are also available.

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The Wonder That Is Navaratna

The modern Navaratna necklaces have received some serious backing from a number of Indian celebrities. Justifying its name, a classic navaratna necklace would consist of nine different stones, each representing a planet. A true navaratna necklace would come with authentic precious stones. You can also get economized units, which are made from semi-precious stones. The nine stones include ruby, pearl, blue sapphire, red coral, yellow sapphire, emerald, cat's eye, and hessonite. Traditionally, an authentic necklace is believed to bring good luck to those who wear it. It is a common choice among Indian brides, as well.

Kundans and Polkis-The Must Haves

Perhaps, Kundans are one of the best known Indian necklaces among connoisseurs. Quite contrary to the notion,'Kundan'refers to the intricate gold work of the necklaces.

The stonework that remain embellished on them are Polki jewelries. Authentic kundanscan be pricey. However, if you want to get something easy on the pocket, then you might want to look for costume kundans,which are no less aesthetic.

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Entering the South Indian Paradise

Going down the South and the Deccan regions, you will see that the artisans follow a different style to design their necklaces. Gold remains the primary mode of creation. The designs vary from one region to the other. The Thusistyle choker, for example, is common in Maharashtra. It features golden beads, which are strung together. Again, the Manga Malaior the mango necklace is common in Tamil Nadu. It features small mango-like shapes over the chain. The Lakshmi haaris another common necklace in Maharashtra and South which features various idols of Goddess Lakshmi.

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