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Trump-Kim summit: One day to go.

Trump-Kim summit: One day to go.
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for the world when Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet. A small summary of what is going to happen.
After years of hostility and mutual hate tomorrow could be a new milestone in the relations between North Korea and the US.

On the 12th of June, President ~Donald Trump~ of the United states of America will meet with North Korean Leader ~Kim Jong Un~ in hotel Capella in Singapore. After the rubbish they have thrown at each other for the last year and a half this could be an extremely different approach.

The meeting has been prepared for months by the highest officials of both countries. Mike Pompe, CIA chef already visited North Korea while Former North Korea spy chief and senior official Kim Yong Chol visited the US in advance of the big summit in Singapore.

The talks will be possible about denuclearization of the Korean peninsula but insiders tell us it will probably be a first acquaintance.

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