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Trafficspirit Review in 2019; Make Money With Google Adsense and

Trafficspirit Review in 2019; Make Money With Google Adsense and
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I do not know why but Google Adsense and are the only Ad networks which are quite good when it comes to picking up dirty traffic from bots and inflate impressions.

This is why you could see that most garbage traffic are being calculated on these platforms.

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In this article, I am going to discuss;

  • The traffic spirit we traffic source in full detail, how to make use of it and also the advantages and disadvantages
  • How to use traffic spirit in collaboration with Innoshow to make money on Google Adsense
  • How to use traffic spirit in collaboration with Innoshow to make money on

So lets get started…

  • What the heck is Traffic spirit?

Just a guide to know; This is a Chinese traffic bot developed to surf websites and harm their rankings on Google and everywhere else.

Now, if you have been a very dedicated reader of my blog, you would know that I am far from someone who would just wake up in the morning and decide to write on a non researched topic.

I write about what I know and how they really really work.

The traffic spirit was a software and is still a software but this is the old version of the traffic spirit. This software is used to inflate the traffic of a website just to make sure you can tel friends that you are now making god traffic with your website or for other illicit reasons.

One thing I do know about this traffic source even before I used it was that it had nothing good to offer to any website and not even Alexa rank increase.

Traffic spirit is without any doubt a BOT traffic source that is used to increase the website traffic of a website and have all your website pages surfed on autopilot without you even knowing about it.

According to the traffic spirit website, they did promise to give you thousands of visitors for no reasonable price and of course they meant what they said.

You can get a whole lot of 1500 visitors to your website when you spend only about $0.30.

This is just insane.

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Not just the above stated, they equally promised you as a user several other stuffs like;

  • To provide you a lot of traffic from almost all the countries for...
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