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how to make your business grow

how to make your business grow
Let us save our businesses
I don't what your business to fail so let me open your eyes and you have to know this
Many business fail because of luck of the following .
Good planning
If you lack good planing starting from capital to labour you will find your business will fail .
Just hire a good planning manager .business is all about planning.
Record keeping
Record sales .profit and more to keep your business updates .
Keeping customers record help you understand your customers
Advertising your business
Use AdWord network to advertise many cheap advertising networks are out there use Facebook and LinkedIn and twitter to run ads
Create free Facebook page
This will help you find new customers the more customers you have the business will expand.
Build customer relationship
Many customers like a place they are welcomed . know what your customer like and interest in what you sell .
Organise road shows
With this you can take products or services to customers
Create offers and promotion
This will help your business in marketing and increase in customers
This will let your business be known to by more people
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