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Tital aap hi decite karo... me wo hi likhti ho jo dil me hai

Importance of time
Do you know whts our problem?.. we r never satisfied wd our achievements... hum samaj hi nahi sakte ki hamare pass kya hai.. wo kya hai jo hum hasil nahi kr sakte... bachpan me chhoti chhoti khwahise thi.. ab badi badi.... bss jina hi bhool gaye.
Kya hai hum aur kyu kr rahe itni mehnat.. hame kisi bhi chiz se satisfaction kyu nahi hai... bss bhagte rehte hai paiso ke pichhe.. actually kuchh bhi kaam kare agar paise nahi mil rahe to nahi karenge...
Bss socho ki aap kya ho... aur kya krna hai...
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Use your time for being batter human. Thoda paap bhi karo thoda punya bhi karo... bass balance banaye rakho... life is not for only time pass.. do something batter in life.

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