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The withdrawal syndrome

Staying away from life itself
There comes a time in everybody's life where we are fed up, irritated, unhappy, dissastified

Once we don't handle it well...

This results in being secluded

The desire to be alone everytime

What results in this?

Let's get an idea about it

Have you failed badly?

Do you have a secret that can ruin you?

Are you neglected?

Are you in the midst of people but lonely?

If I go online and research on it

It'll probably give me a white man's description

Trust me when I say I've felt it and I've lived it

I know when you're keeping things from me

I see through your false pretense

And your fake smiles? Lol, that's the easiest

I wasn't joking when i said I was on a road to happiness this year

I really struggled to look happy instead of being happy

Once it got to its peak I gradually stayed away from everyone

Being alone was what I craved

But sadly suicide thoughts clouded my judgement

So now how do I save myself from myself?

Cos I seem to distance myself from help itself

Can I truly save myself?

Or do I avoid this and end it all...???
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