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the unloved clown

It gives an insight to what betrayal is especially in the perspective of love.. and what actions are taken to overcome the dilemma of retaliation or yet forgiveness.
Women have instinctively perfected the art of
seduction and used it to bring the downfall of great men in this society. Men,
once gradually taken away by the charm and seduction in women’s bodies, they
open up inadvertently letting down their guard and revealing their Achilles’
heel. The infamous Samson, deemed the strongest man who in my opinion a man of weak
mental strength and fell to the seduction of Philistine beauty model Delilah
revealed his weakness and fell away to a humiliating defeat. He was betrayed by
the sole source of his happiness, the love of his life, the woman he saw in his
dreams. Betrayal!

Yet another blow, a head shot this time, our beloved
persona has never been rejected. Every time, he fails to pass the friendship test,
he cannot run fast enough to evade the grasp of the friend zone monster. The
haunted house of solitude and gloom is his dwelling. The Winchester sorceress
has been busy at her cauldron, now her victim is trapped in this oblivion, with
the irrevocable spell to be unloved.

Moments ago it was a haven of love, filled with good
and compassion, now it is a grotesque representation, a dead rotting and
disgusting enigma.
Hate, anger and the evil spirits of revenge roam within his
soul looking for a chance to be let go, to dominate his world, to avenge all
his misdemeanors.

It may seem quite paradoxical that our persona maybe
still loves this damsel. He did fail terribly to be her knight in shining armor.
Though is this situation really true? He fought all odds to protect her only to
find her married to a stronger, an epitome of masculine power, a man whose
physique was unmatched, his richness moreover unparalleled saddling her in his
mighty stallion.
Our persona then knew the chase was over, it was over!
What shall we do? Shall we tell him to join the
suicide statistics as apparently his hope with the feminine group is over. Or
better join the queer society, he has had some experiences which he liked. Yes,
you great idea, I see you, telling him to be a priest. Shut up, would you be a
priest? We all know his connection to the high dominions was disrupted by a
million depravities. Now you must not judge him, not a soul is immaculate.
The most painful thing is, our persona was used as an
entertaining tool, his wits and comical disposition has been used and trashed
in an unforgivable manner.
I know you are all outraged and filled with wrath.
Dear audience, the time is not yet here to release our innermost feelings that
are building up. What is he going to do? Will he late fate take its course or
will he take action into his hands?

Things may get bloody…We have to do something fast…It
is getting out of hand..

He has gone…
Will he come back?
Oops..Oh no!
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