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The suicide note???

The final Ending
What's left to say?

The final moments of my life

Where I'm at a ledge towards the edge of the world

About to take a leap of faith

I'm scared AF

but my depression has got the better of me

I close my eyes

In hopes it'll all be less painful

I picture the other side of life

As an escape from the monsters in my head...

Then i have flash backs of my entire life time

I can't recall when last my life was happy?

The voices keep asking what I'm living for?

Tbvfh, i can't recall how i got here

But I've been thinking of how to end this life of torment

A quick way to end this pain

Still tensed and drawing nearer to that ledge

I recite the names that ever once had meaning in my life

Most of them are happy without me

Some are dead, the rest are fucking depressed

Or scattered around the world

Then i remember my girl and my babies

And how i failed to give them the life i promised

Lastly my parents whom always supported me

Until death robbed them through an accident untimely

I take my last deep breathe

Tighthen my eyes more, turn to my back

Then let my body drop

This is the end

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