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The sexual Predator

A plot twist of the mind
Let's see things from your POV

You wanted a good bad boy, lol

In the sense that he's retired

All the bad in him is for you alone

Are you even smart? Lol again

Let's say things started going well

Or maybe it's cos it's still from your POV

But overtime changes occur

You thought you were the one?

Why? What gave you that perception?

Don't you know even if you're perfect it doesn't mean you deserve perfection...

If life truly was fair, then our fantasies would be real

Let's not get too far from the topic

A sexual predator? Why would you call him that?

He preys on the heart of young innocent girls, not all innocent

But he sells his time in exchange for their heart and affection, oh wow?

He's never satisfied with just anyone

He sleeps with anything he's attracted to anytime

But love blinded you

He's done a voyage on all your friend's and they know it among themselves

And he doesn't stop sleeping around and you still forgive him

I ask again, are you smart or doesn't it affect You?

Do you have a plan to get back to him, but he's lonely and has no friends or family to use back at him.

Hits blunt... maybe you're just the predator waiting to strike the one that thinks he's a predator, to break him and shatter him, I'm scared on his behalf cos you've gone passed the angry stage all you do is watch and get ready to strike.

But in all honesty I'm scared for him cos I'm the one I've been talking about, i hope to change soon so I don't became a prey to the predator I created...

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