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The scholarship could be Secret Superstar of Your Education

The scholarship could be Secret Superstar of Your Education
In the Bollywood cinema of old, if there was one quintessential problem for the character of a parent, it was the dilemma of getting their son or daughter married. A more realistic and modern version of the same scenario would be of a parent worried about
The biggest headache for a parent today is to save money for their child’s college education. Every parent understands the value of quality higher education for their child’s future. However, the rising cost of education has put most private colleges beyond their meagre savings. In the present scenario, a parent must, in fact, start saving for their children’s education even before their birth!

Of course, there is a secret to escaping this dilemma and not being worried about finances when choosing the course or institution to study. And this secret is called a scholarship .

A scholarship is free financial aid provided to a student for pursuing or continuing their studies. There are many conditions or eligibility criteria that could apply for a scholarship, and these usually differ from scholarship to scholarship depending upon the objective of the scheme. Scholarships can be offered specifically for students in a particular geography, of a particular gender or religion, based purely on merit, or purely on need, or a combination of the two, given to those with a particular talent, or ability in a sport, and many other such cases. There is a scholarship in the world for almost everyone.

From central and state governments to private organizations, educational institutions, NGOs and charitable trusts or foundations, and even high net worth individuals – many stakeholders seek to promote the cause of education by setting up a scholarship.In India, there are thousands of crores worth of scholarship funds available for students from many of these above sources. For the longest time though, most of these scholarship funds would go unutilized, due to a lack of information and awareness about these schemes.

Thankfully, the government has taken many steps recently to make scholarship information more accessible to students. One of these steps is the launch of the National Scholarship Portal.

The National Scholarship Portal is a simplified platform by the Government of India that lists all government scholarships at a single place. Students can register their details on the portal and apply for various scholarships. Once they receive a scholarship, the funds are directly disbursed to their bank accounts through Direct Benefits Transfer.

In addition, many state governments, too, list all the scholarships for their state through a scholarship portal like the UP Scholarship Portal. The UP Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Online System is dedicated to scholarships from the state of UP. Students can apply for the various pre-matric and post-matric scholarships from the portal directly.

A great addition to these government portals is Buddy4Study – India’s largest scholarship platform. Buddy4Study collates all scholarships for Indian students from various sources – government, institutions, individuals, corporations, etc. – for studies in India or abroad. Any student can simply search for a particular scholarship to find all relevant details. You could also use the search engine feature to search according to a keyword or term and find relevant scholarships listed in an instant.

The most striking feature of the platform is the matching scholarships feature where a student can instantly find all matching scholarships for which they are eligible. Once the student completes their profile on the website, Buddy4Study compares their personal and academic information to thousands of scholarships listed on the platform to find scholarship matches.
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The main concern of any family is to give their kids the best education but some family cannot even give their kids the basic education. In such cases, government scholarship comes into light

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