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it is a story of love , which sparks with the simplest of things- the red dress. it is a journey of love and bliss.
do you remember the day we first met?
you were wearing the red dress
with your natural,silky, long hair rolled up in a bum.

i sat transfixed at that party
i could not suddenly think straight
my vision was filled with images
of this mystery woman
in the red dress.

i think it was fate maybe coincidence
but you walked by
and i fold myself getting bold
this is not the man i am
the "dee"i was before you walked in
never ran after strange women in red dresses.

i found my voice
i told you that you and your dress are all shades of red
bold, charming and beautiful
you smiled and that was my undoing.

i do not know what the future holds
even as we walk down this aisle
on our way to our forever journey
but i promise ifee,
that i would uphold, defend, love and fight
for this woman
who held my heart captive with her red dress and lowly heart

this is forever,
dear "red-dress-beauty"

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