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The Press, the Right Icon

Theme is the tutorial critics about life or proclamation about human natural world in the sense that the poem expresses. To determine theme, we can start by figuring out the main idea. Then we may keep looking around the poem for details such as the struct
The press can do whatever its publishers do

But the rights, roles and chastity,
They forget and make fun of it
In the face of sword and quiver altogether;
The press is powerful and stronger
To handle the hurdles in crisis and zeal.
To raise the hands of strength of mind
As if they loss or gain in parity terms..
In motion and destitute they win the race
They can talk and moralize gleefully
In the teeth of ocean when they fall
As if this is the creativity of their own.
They have earned and piled up what they achieve
From time to time and decades to decades.
The press spreads knowledge if they apply
In good sense of humors in birth of nation
They fight and fight like death trap in Philippines.
The press is the source to release the thoughts
For the old and unhappy doers to gain,
And to fortify the rhymes of brotherhood.
In question to express and recoup the talents
They need to awaken the dead soul
For continuous and everlasting its growth..
The press is such which misguides the people
And the authority who controls the press,
Such threat goes into the blood of the politician
The new campaign begins and ends in this way.
For the people who cherishes to brighten the future.
The press is merciful in tact and relatively crazy
The days come in and gone by
Beside the face of the page of horseshoe nail.
It is the turn for those who lose faith
Upon the regular habits to form by degrees
The plants and the creepers jointly
Binding together even now or the day after
Or even God knows whichever is perpetual
Or not as the harbinger of truth
Strategically is dead hereinafter.The poem has allegorical meaning in
dealing worldly affairs which have feeling of eternity. Everything is
contemporary and mortal. The poem is based on spiritualistic phenomenon which
is full of emotion and deep thought. This world is a place of momentary
cosmopolitan outlook where the people visit here and fade away. This
significance of eternity has been echoed in his poem by categorically
emphasizing nature, soil, plants, herbs and the little fountain having
reflected dimensionally as a tentative flow. A poetry is a full of emotion and
deep thought with moral and ethical teachings. It is a pathway to achieve the
real meaning of life which tentatively influences in achieving goal. A good
poem opens up the inner eyes which are bedded on spiritual and eternal system
to survive on earth. The poetry elocution is a harbinger of opening the doors
to flourish the talents of the poets to build up a healthy society in the
the tutorial critics about life or proclamation about human natural world in
the sense that thepoemexpresses. To determinetheme, we can
start by figuring out the main idea. Then we may keep looking around
thepoemfor details such as the structure, sounds, word choice, and any
poeticstrategies. Many poems have both a main idea and a theme. In this
lesson, we'll learn techniques for finding both in poetry by studying a sample
poem. Afterward, we
can test we are understanding with a short quiz.
Kh. Atiar Rahman is a prolific author as well
as apoet who has started writing articles, poems, stories and novel
from his school life. He was a brilliant student. He has all the time occupied
first position in district and divisions essay competition. He was born in the
former district of Kushtia. Till now, he has written more than three thousands
articles and 1200 poems. He has done his masters in English and Mathematics
from National University, Dhaka and Rajshahi University. He has done his LLB
degree from Dhaka University. He has obtained post graduate course in
Industrial Management from Bangladesh Management Institute. He has completed
the course of Cost and Management Accountants from Dhaka and Chittagong Centre
respectively. He has large number of publications from National and
International Media. He has been awarded Platinum Author Certificate’ by the
CED of Ezine Article. He has received the most prestigious Editors Choice Award
from International Library of Poetry for several times. His many poems have
been published inmany International web sites like,
original, Ezine Articles etc., Besides this, he has many publication
in the Bangladesh Observer and ‘The daily Independent’.
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