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The most important thing related to your health

The most important thing related to your health
The important thing related to health which most of the people ignore and pay price.
You may say or believe anything but it is the most important thing that your health and God has a Unique relationship. God is the creator of your Body. Which means He knows the mechanism of your Body. He knows that how to heal your Body. There are people who had all powers (money and equipments) but they could not heal their health. There are also many people who go for regular exercise and eat a balanced/strictly controlled diet yet they get horrible health sicknesses/illnesses. I am not supporting any type of laziness but even myself controling diet and I going for morning/evening walk. I am saying that, more than these things, we should trust God, who is creator and sustainer of our Body. He loves our Body. We are not created by our choice but He created us for His purpose/plan. He hears our health concerns. I was suffering with heart issues and went for medication and trusted medicines for 4 years but my situations was becoming worse and worse. Finally I realized that I can't get healing by my own efforts. Doctors and money can't save me. I learned these things from my experience. Finally I took refuge on Jesus' feet. People prayed for me and I too called upon His Name. Jesus gave me hope and I started getting slow/gradual healing. Today I am hopeful and living even without medicines. I go for regular check Up and results are good. There is a hope for everyone. Remember- "God is the mechanic of our Body."
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I can't describe about myself because my interests and preferences changes time to time. Altogether, enjoying life. I am an author, a theologian and philosopher too ha...ha

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