I will be ... What I want to be
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The mark on my face

The mark on my face
I have a mark on my face,
Looking unusual and rare .
For some it's a problem,
Others simply don't care.

I had self doubts
"Does this makes me less beautiful ,
Less human ?
I just couldn't shout it out loud .

From finding it gross and something ugly ,
To hugging and flaunting it
Proudly .
I learnt how it was *just* a mark on my skin .

People whisper to me
What's this dark thing on your face ?
Now i reply with a smile ,
It's God's art ,given to me to embrace .
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This is a poetry , this a feeling , a thought and societies truth but i decided to stand against social Norms and dictate to the world that .. "I will be what I want to be ".

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Beautifully written