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The love of family is life's greatest blessings

The love of family is life's greatest blessings
However poor you may think you are , but if you have a loving family you have everything. So rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
Love is about endurance , when you and your partner have endured bad times together, without any complaints.

Love is feeling happy in another happiness, when my happiness is the cause of your smile.

Love is without expectation, when I accept you the way you are and I am happy with it.

Love is forgiveness where your are often forgived for hurting the ones who loves you.

Love is where there is no space for jealousy, if my brother/sister does something commendable or progressive, I am proud and never jealous.

Love is not when someone says " okay do whatever you feel like. " , but when someone fights hard to not allow you to take wrong decisions.

Love is selflessness, whenever your mother or your spouse saccrifices all her comforts just to keep you comfortable.

Love is when your father scolds you for getting home late only for the sake of your security and betterment.

Love is when your father/mother calls you so many times just to check if you are alright.

Love is when your sister fights with you but is always there to save you in bad times and she defends you anytime when you are not near.

Love is when your brother comes to cheer you up when you are sad and protects you of ail elements and moments.

Love is when your sibling may count thousands of drawbacks in you but fights back if somebody else complains a single detail.

Love is when your pet waits for you to return home and jumps over and scratches you all over in joy.

Love is when someone makes it worth for you to come home.

Love is not someone spending money over you, but someone dedicating his / her life for the sake of yours.

Every single relation is lovely. Love is not about the people who came and went, but it is only about the people who came and never left. Your family is your love, your strength. Sooner or later you will realise that finding a beautiful or handsome face doesn't mean love, this is just an infatuation. Never lose your hope in life if you have lost one of those. Never ever leave the side of your family for anything that look seemingly beautiful.

Never ever give up on life, sometimes you have to climb high for a better view, but sometimes you have to land down for a better vision. Life is a blessing only if you believe.

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