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The law of sacrifice in marriages

Sacrifices are very important in relationships but its important knowing such sacrifices

The law of sacrifice state that, you will have to give up something from time to time to get something better. This law of sacrifice is applicable to marriages as well. What are you willing to sacrifice in marriage to make sure it becomes a smooth sailing. No matter how you think those things are so precious to you, its important you know that, they are worth sacrificing if you wish to have the kind of marriage you wish for. In case you want to keep hold of your spouse, certain things are meant to be done by you and your partner as well. Its not just all on you alone or just on your partner. Its supposed to be collectively.

Here are four rules tied to the law of marriage, just in case you are wondering what those sacrifices could be.

1 Communication

As minor as it may seem, it plays a major role in keeping a stable relationship in marriages. In case you were not the type of person that likes to be on low rate of communication, when you are married, it has to be a sacrifice you should make. Your partner has to know all is fine. So, just calling in absence to know how the other person is doing goes a very long way in keeping things in place.

2 Mobile devices

Its amazing how technology has transformed our generation but, its got to be put aside when the time calls for it. For example, our mobile devices tend to steal our chances of having a good time when we are with our loved ones. How about putting it aside when you are with those you love. Trust me, your partner will love you more and more the more you can make them love to be in your company and forget to look at their phones. Give the people in your life the gift of your presence by putting down your phone and enjoying their company; it shows respect and attention and it will strengthen the bond.

3 Respect

Its important you also make respect a number priority. It is something reciprocal that gives value to any relationship or marriage. Your partner just have to feel that he or she is being respected. It could be your effort to do anything at all, no matter how little you think it could be, so long as your partner cherishes it, he or she knows for sure that, you are giving them some respect. Sacrifice your arrogance and rudeness to make sure your marriage stands the test of time.

4 Attention

You just have to try and compromise to giving your spouse attention, especially to women. Your freedom is important as well but you have to know how to put it aside and make your partner feel loved. You are aimed at perfecting your marriage, which is why paying attention to your spouse should not be neglected. Unless you care less about how the marriage could turn out to be. If you offer little or no attention, its important you know your spouse will be forced to attention else where, especially for women and of course, the affection follows. Just mind who you are dealing with.

5 Ego

Alright, i know you got ego, i know how big your ego is but you have to know that its not worth it in marriage and especially with the type of person you could be married to. In a marriage situation where you both are important to each other, it will say its simply of no use putting in your ego. The importance of you both plays a huge part for togetherness, which was why you both came together as one. Well, sometimes things could go sour, it all boils down to how you tend to put your ego aside at crucial times and work yourself out on how to put things back in order. Mind you that, in the end, all you just wanted in return is something bigger than ego.

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