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The Game of Life

The Game of Life
Remembering the important things.
Every Saturday, it is game night in the Somboun household and I Elizabeth am the master at the game of Life.
Is that also the game in reality to be a master of our lives. What, does that really mean, it means we want it all, we want to retire first, get married first, have the best career, and have the best adventures. It sounds fantastic the biggest, the best.
Do we rush things too much? Rushing to the finish line and forgetting the journey along the way. We get focused on the ringing phones, the overstuffed schedules, and we forget that its the conversations, the road trips, the amazing dinners, that make life beautiful and if you get a fancy car, the really big house, sure its nice but it is just the extras the real big things are heart, emotion and people that allow you to win the game.
Win at life today and turn off the phone, have a good long dinner with friends, and dust off the boxes of some amazing board games to make life beautiful.
Giving you a little sparkle by the E
With love
Elizabeth Somboun
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