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The Emulative Characteristics Of The Wise Virgins.

The Emulative Characteristics Of The Wise Virgins.
The characteristics of the ten virgins is worth emulating for the faith, love, desire, truth, chastity and willingness they exhibited while waiting for the Bridegroom.
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The undermentioned characteristics are worth emulating of the wise virgins.

The wise virgins had faith, they believed in the Bridegroom, and had faith that he would definitely come. Hence they put all hindrances aside so they go forth to meet him. You must have faith in Christ, saving, living, abiding and transforming faith that affect your life, actions and outlook in life.

The virgins obviously had love for the Bridegroom, which was why they were earnestly looking up all the time to know when he will come. They exerted themselves to ensure they were ready for him. You must love the appearing of the Lord (2 Timothy 4:8) and make yourself ready for his coming at all times.

The Emulative Characteristics Of The Wise Virgins. - Image 2Desire
They had a great desire to see the bridegroom. To them, he was the eagerly awaited one; he was the crown of all their rejoicing and their all in all. If they had every other thing and did not have him, they knew they would be of all humans, the most miserable. You too should have such a desire for the Lord, the bridegroom of the church.

In Matthew 25:4, we are told "......the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps"What oil was this? you may ask, well, we know what the oil was meant for. It was meant to keep their lamp burning! What's the oil in your life to keep you burning? What do you need to help you keep living according to God's word? Obviously,it is the grace of God in your life- grace to overcome temptation, sin and to keep your life shining. You need this grace to be ready for the Lord's coming.

The Emulative Characteristics Of The Wise Virgins. - Image 3Truth
The virgin knew the truth about the coming of the bridegroom to take them away, and they lived by the truth. The combination of the grace of God and the truth of his word in your life will make your life shine brightly in this dark generation. See Matthew 5:16.

Understand that the wise virgins were expecting the bridegroom, hence,they were ready neat and beautiful. Our bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ, is about to come. As a bride,you need to make yourself beautiful and ready. Live a righteous and holy life, which is the beauty the groom is looking for (Eph. 5:27). The bible exhorts everyone that has the hope of his coming and is ready for it to purify himself "even as he is pure"(1 john 3:3).

The Emulative Characteristics Of The Wise Virgins. - Image 4Willing Service
The virgins served and did the will of the bridegroom. This is what the Lord expects from those awaiting his coming. "Who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his Lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing"(Matthew 24: 45-46). It is wisdom to serve the Lord, and be occupied in his service until he comes (Luke 19: 13).
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