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The Emerging Superpower of the World_China

The Emerging Superpower of the World_China

China is now the fashion around the world. It has made
remarkable progress in the last two decades. China emerged globally as a major
stakeholder in the South Asian region. They gained acknowledgement not just
within Asia but all around the world. All this become possible through their
tireless effort socially, politically, and most of all economically a great
example of which is CPEC - CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR. CPEC is a game
changer for regional connectivity and economic advancement that has attracted
quite a lot of attention from around the world lately. It has provided China with
an opportunity to establish themselves in the international market as a strong
partner of world economy in the near future. CPEC also engage several other
nations including Pakistan, providing them a chance to improve their economic
infrastructure through trade and commerce. The success of this project is
largely dependent on the sustained China- Pakistan approach toward the
geostrategic concerns and implication of CPEC in the region.

China has set an example not only for Pakistan but for all
the developing nations that are trying to achieve substantial development and
play their role in the power politics of the world as an independent sovereign
state. In addition to this Chinese policymakers through their hard work and
long term planning revolutionized their industrial sector. They greatly
promoted and encouraged small industrial units and invested on human resource.
This proved to be a turning point in changing the world largest population into
a rising economic superpower.

Personally, I am very impressed by the way the Chinese
nation conserved and promoted their culture and language, through social media,
print media and entertainment industry. They made sure to staunchly advocate
their cultural norms. It is indeed a very good gesture on part of a nation to
support their heritage rather than to follow the trends of the western world.

It is well-said by someone that an individual is the
reflection of a society. Many Chinese people become internationally famous for
their work in their respective fields. This includes artist like Jackie Chan,
Jet lee, and Bruce Lee. They helped in creating a positive and welcoming image
of China in the international arena. In addition, Jack Ma a famous Chinese
entrepreneur and chairman of “” has also gained worldwide
recognition for his work. His story of failure and success have rendered the
world an image of Chinese struggle.

Pakistan see China as an important neighbor. Pakistan-China
relationship is based solely upon mutual respect and bilateral interest of the
two nations. Pakistan and China are eager to collaborate with each other for
the greater good of the two nations. Their friendship proved itself in times of
need. CPEC and many other programs will provide job opportunities and a
platform for the people of both countries to improve their conditions and play
their part in the development of their country.

China has become
a hub of tourist attraction
because of its diverse cultural and
historic background. It has
largely captured the attraction of tourist from all around the world. Some
of the very
famous and well-known spots includes THE
TEMPLE OF HEAVEN_ which was a
praying place for the royal
the imperial palace in the Qing
and Ming
dynasty, both these places are located in the capital city Beijing. The
fortification on the
border of China highly
famous among tourist
for its enormous historic significance. It is known as the seventh
wonder of the world.

Recently build TIANJIN
known as THE EYE in
tianjin and GLASS BRIDGE
in Zhangjiajie with its transparent glass bottom located at a height of several feet
from the ground has gained a lot of
popularity among tourists
and visitors.

Pakistan and China
can improve their
relations by making
effort to enhance people- to- people interaction. This can
be done by inaugurating programs
like scholarships, vocational
training, student exchange,
and research projects. This would enable
people on both sides to get
to know about each other. Moreover, we can
also establish local
business of mutual interest
and alleviate our domestic industries. All these steps are
meant to change the perception of
common citizens on both
sides, and engage them
into something fruitful and
productive. This would certainly help in creating a positive image of
China and Pakistan, through all
these initiative we can change
the escalating bud of
Pakistan and China friendship
into a strong and mighty tree.

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