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The EL Rufai 2023 Agenda And Tinubu's Fight Back

Fight back on El Rufai's 2023 Agenda
It was initially a political rumour until events started playing out in apparent confirmation of the worst kept secret in the political history of the 4th Republic.

It all started in 2016 when El Rufai and his crew reached a tacit understanding with the Aso Rock “cabal” to sideline Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and present the Kaduna State Governor as a natural successor to President Buhari.Two factors motivated their action: the Buhari commitment to a single term presidency and the unfolding medical challenge of the President. They went for Asiwaju’s jugular and sharpened their knives to politically castrate him. They commissioned a southern vassal that included Amaechi, Amosun, Akeredolu, Oyegun, Fayemi, Fashola and to a large extent, Ambode to back the plot.Things took a different twist when it became clear that Buhari’s determination to recontest wasn’t no longer in doubt.

The cabal started amending relationship with Tinubu to ensure his crucial support for Buhari. Tinubu wasn’t fooled though. He gave his conditions which included the sack of Oyegun and the imposition of Adams Oshiomole as National Chairman of APC.Note: for this agenda, Babachir Lawal, a confidant of Tinubu was eased out and replaced with Boss Mustapha,a known outpost of the El Rufai cabal. Tinubu and Osinbajo camp bidded for time until Lawan Daura, a senior member of the cabal misstepped and they didn’t waste time in striking back. They simply nullified the advantage of the cabal. .The mandate of Oshiomole is clear and unambiguous. He has to first of all dismantle the vassals of the cabal in the South to ensure a strong and united front men ready to confront El Rufai and the cabal.However, many analysts are of the view that Tinubu May not be able to withstand the impending onslaught if Buhari wins the 2019 presidential election. The cabal is not in doubt of it’s capacity to deploy presidential powers against the Jagaban Borgu.

In the final analysis, Tinubu need to make a choice quick and live by it. The options available to him are quite uncomfortable. Precisely speaking, he has to make one of two available choices :-Stick with Buhari and ride the storm against a cabal with full presidential powers.-Allow the President to fail in 2019 and have a level playing field against the El Rufai cabal.How he plays his cards could elevate him to political zenith or thrash his earlier achievements.

Mr. Ibrahim Akwanga
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