Samuel Olomu De
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The falling standard of democracy in Nigeria which has reached the peak to be concerned of.
Making it right, I will let you know that "justice is purchased in a court of law as a commodity and only the poor suffers the brunt". The men of substances who had matyred democracy since source are not the one suffering from it now. Let us not be confused, I can say there is a difference between democracy and what we take today to be self governance. Democracy is a different engine and can be compared to freedom while self governance which we take to be democracy here in Nigeria, I can say it brings about military democracy which has became a reccuring decimal and a monotonous alternative phenomenon in Nigeria body polity.

Still on the pace, the Nigerian democracy has been matyred by men in 'agbada' who we take to be our leaders but does not have anything to do with our well being. I always ask myself this question "who will pay the cost of this matyred democracy?" As I will prescribe, if democracy is complicated for Nigeria so, let try other system that has not been practiced.

Favoritism has legged the top hierarchy of the Nigerian government and has also contributed to the dying nature of democracy in Nigeria and which can also lead to enthronement and glorification of mediocrity in place of meritocracy. Favoritism in the appointment of ministers and other top officials of the government, has been uncalled for. For instance, a person may be detained for a gross misconduct and the court may give frivolous judgment in favor of that person as a result of the person's influential status in the society and which is never backed by the law of the land.

Here in this country, the principle of constitutionalism is not adhered to. By way of eminence our leaders can do and undo as a result of the special immunity they are given by law. Political hoity-toity.

Can you just imagine a democracy like this where people are dying and no solution is found to arrest this horrendous situation. I can attest that more than 5000 people died in the northern part of Nigeria as a result of killings by herdsmen and we are claiming to be governed by a democratically elected government.

It is this democracy that people have no say. General outcry of the people are mere gibberish. The Nigerian government must heard alot about the people criticisms on radio, television, newspapers and even on social media which am also enforcing now. But with all this they turned deaf ears to our cries and make the bad out of the good and sometimes vice versa. They pocket Nigerian democracy in their ''agbadas'', turning their 'agbadas' to democracy itself... Hilarious.

2019 election on the booting. Nigerian politicians only fight to gain afflence as the ruling party and they will also promise the masses many things and after their emergence they forget the people and is that democracy we claim to...

Have said more than enough and I think if Nigeria will be reformed again we should check our democracy and all efforts must be made with alacrity to find better democracies into the throne of affinity.

Samuel writes from Ogun State.
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