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The cost....How much more??

Love and it's shades

Hey fellas....

It's been quite a while thanks for hooking up with your main man here again, once And always I love y'all.

Recently I discovered from much of experiences that thus thing we call love is costly,How you might ask,How much of my heart , how much of my space , how much of my secrets, how much of me do I have to put down to show the person I claim to love that I truly love him/her.

I met a friend recently who was sharing her so - self acclaimed love tale with the doctor of the heart (this is self acclaimed oo!! Nobody should dm me I don't do relationship counselling o)she was in a deep relationship with a guy she felt were so so compact able from the beginning because he was all lovey dicey ... (Men!!!)According to her he was not just your regular guy he had so much gotten into the heart of my friend that the way she was so in love you could acclaim she has loved up.but as some men will always be unfortunate, And some guys will never be satisfied he couldn't pull off from his other lovers.

See let me advice the Ladies on here I am not saying don't love up love up yh (because presently I am) but love up with sense .

Love is costly

The cost....How much more?? - Image 1

Heart break can be deadly when the price tag of your heart you have given out totally,Am not saying don't be open to your spouse and all. It is extremely nice because I personally can't bear the thought of keeping anything from my partner but in all your heart openness please note that love is costly and be sure you are paying the price for someone worth it.

And for those that feel they can cheat the process of love or feel how much do I have to show that I love this person?

The cost....How much more?? - Image 2

For those considering what people will say or how people will feel concerning their relationship and if the opinions of people should rule your world of love let man talk to you for a bit

Those people... They don't know he/she the way you do. They don't see his/her smiles the way you do. They dont see how amazing he/she is, they dont see how scared he/she is to loose you, they don't see how much of a cost of the heart he/she has to pay to always say they love you... They don't.

People might bash your love, they might say thrash, they might feel you are loving up too much, they might feel you are giving off all of your heart to a person that they feel should not be your spec.. Because they're ignorant. You know better. You're the one in love. Just do what matters and what makes you happy

If the like it fine, if they don't, fuck them

Dont jeopardize what is good for what could be good, especially when it's because of people the cost of love is your cost not theirs!!!

At the end of everything note that You need to stand up for what you want and give the no attention to those people.

If it is truly love

It is always worth the price

If it is truly love

It doesn't matter the cost

If it is truly love please give your all

The cost....How much more?? - Image 3

because at the end of it all true love like mine is worth the cost

... Peace

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