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The Concept of Science Fair

The teacher should select a number of topics before allocating on the project work to the students and they should give knowledge on the steps of spreading and analyzing the topics in question.
The perception
of science fair has been explored from European education pattern and their
culture.They firstly thought "Science fair must be based on creativity by
cultivating knowledge and intelligence of the learners". In continuation,
science fair has been approved in science education to augment laboratory
skills among the young learners.

The concept of science fair has been explored from European
education pattern and culture. They firstly thought "Science fair must be
based on creativity by way of cultivating knowledge and intelligence of the
learners". Indeed, science fair needs to be introduced in different
educational institutions by considering its pedagogical phenomena based on
practical knowledge and skills. Hence, there is no alternate of practical
knowledge to gain proper education in the field of Science and Technology and
hence the expansion of science fair is needed in order to gear up creativity
and awareness for acquiring knowledge of the students. Hence, the steps for
science fair in the educational institute are ideally envisaged and

In our country, every year science
fair is held in different educational institute annually to create motivation
of research work and enthusiasm. The teachers first collect the names and list
them that they will create a project based on science and technology. The
students who are found interested to introduce a new science work take a
challenge and become capable of showing a different creative work. He selects a
project and thinks over the work and the nature of technology behind it.
Actually, he becomes responsible of inventing something like a scientist. He
sometimes shows something different from modern age. They can project from
ancient and medieval age.

The authority of different schools
and colleges arrange science fair in order to show the eagerness of actual
knowledge and skills among the students. At this, a congenial atmosphere is
developed in the institution because, they are concerning their heads about new
inventions and discovery and they become conscious of awakening their ideas and
thoughts. In the context of Bangladesh, every year different schools and
colleges arrange science fair. They first invite names from the interested
students who are willing to make the project work and to focus it in the
science fair. They, like the scientists carry on research work like making law,
hypothesis and theory. They seek respective ideas from different books and the
achievement of scientists of the world. At last they present their creativity
and thus a systematic project is reflected.

It is hoped in future that the steps
to arrange science fair is a predominating criteria to strengthen the
cultivation of knowledge in applying the definitive sense of technical know-
how of science. A science fair is quite different from other fairs existing in
our country like a village fair and an industrial fair and so on. These fairs
serve the purpose of the business where the commodities of qualitative nature
are sold and displayed for making profit in question. Here, the commodities are
served in the market in such a manner, where the companies good will and the
nature and quality of product are vividly disclosed so that the people are much
attracted to purchase it to a great extent. Besides this, in organizing science
fair, the business importance is not treated as the prime factor; rather the
pedagogical manifestation to gear up the intensity and potentiality of the
students is given priority. Actually, the eagerness for knowing the unknown
world is reflected and a better environment is flourished among the students in
any educational institute where science and technology are studied extensively.
Even though, there has been provided a wide range to the students in European
countries for creating a broad based project as a part of their education. The
students who are found attracted for learning technological skills and
knowledge generally shines in life by contributing a lot in the field of
education. Like western country, appropriate environment is needed where
necessary equipment will play a vital role. In many cases, only theoretical
teachings are offered beside practical knowledge and skills. It is a matter of
great regret that the students are deprived of gaining actual knowledge in the
relevant field. Besides this, technological instruments need to be placed in
different institutions so that the utilization of those equipment are properly
made in a systematic manner.

The teacher should select a number of
topics before allocating on the project work to the students and they should
give knowledge on the steps of spreading and analyzing the topics in question.
He should engage himself in creating awareness and necessary skills in the
field of the application of mathematical model of science based on constructive
exploration of modern appliances. The teacher should set problems on practical
model. The problems must be based on practically oriented which set forth the
topics covering science and its technological aspects of nature.

In view of the above, it is obvious that the role of teachers for science
education is unforgettable and as such they should chalk out programs in the
laboratory to teach the application of modern science like exploring something
in real life situation. If the educational institutions emphasize technological
aspects on science education, the integrity to work in the field of science
will be strengthened speedily. As a result the country will be much benefited
in due sense of science education..

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