Olivetson Safeway: The Genius Who Ran Away
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The Book Review by BeardoSA

The Book Review by BeardoSA
SA Rapper Comments on his favorite book, The Book by Artist, Olivetson
Like nothing you’ve read before.Authors bring content to life by tapping into their creative imaginative space and creating something that’s worth indulging in for readers. Top selling authors have their signature style of writing and a distinct selection of words when it comes to putting their ideas or stories on paper and this gives them a desired advantage over their competition. Well this one is like no other“ The Book referred to as The Book simply because it has words in it” This is the first line on the preface when you start readingThe Bookand according to how I view it, Olivetson opted to write his thoughts touching on various matters that all of us can relate to in a certain way.The Book, as it is titled is a great display of creativity as it breaks all the rules and yet still keeps you captivated by the astounding way in which thoughts can be translated or paraphrased into a book…The Book.To give you a short background on the Author; Olivetson is a gifted lyricist who can effortlessly express his thoughts through various mediums. Prior to this book, he is known for his creative brains in songs like Suffering, Obligation and Complaining machine and has worked on multiple projects with other notable names in the Hip Hop industry.“Truth is, people don’t care about anything you do, so do anything” One of the most powerful lines in The book which encourages anyone who ever had a dream or thought about doing something and they knew it would demand the best of their efforts and everything they had inside of them to get out there and make it happen without worrying about perceptions or how people are going to react to it. Olivetson ’s thoughts, or in this context,The Bookreally is Food for thought if you ask me so I urge everyone to get The Book Here:
– See more at: http://www.wigglepromotions.com/the-bookby-olivetson/#sthash.U2iV1rM2.dpuf
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