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That Special Friend

That Special Friend
Parents are God's gift but friends are the ones we choose.
On one gloomy day,
As I sat in my cabin,
Wanting a shoulder to lean on,
You simply walked in.

Asking me, what is that-
That took away my grin.
Your words gave me some comfort,
And I poured out from my heart everything.

Everything that you spoke to me since that day,
My trust in you started building in.
Now that I turn back and see,
I find a beautiful bonding.

Every smile on my face, every tear in my eyes,
Every thought in my mind, you understand so well,
Nothing seems to get hidden,
You just get drawn closer to me.

You helped me know myself,
Bringing out the best in me,
Always joyful, ever cheerful,
You taught me to be ever smiling.

I dare not hide anything from you,
For you get to know everything,
My eyes speak it all- is what you say,
I wonder how you understand everything.

You are such a wonderful friend,
I pray God that our friendship doesn't see an end.
I wish I too would become
That 'special' one
As special you are to me.

By a Friend

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