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Thankfulness the Key to a Happy Life

Thankfulness the Key to a Happy Life
Learning to be thankful, and how thankfulness can be used so you can be a blessing.

Being thankful is not always the easiest thing to be. However, in my life, when, I am the most thankful, the more joyful, content, and at peace I find myself.

Thankfulness seems to be lost in a world where "I" seems to be the predominant focus. Generations previous was more of a "we" mentality. In no other generation before have we dealt more with teen suicide, depression, emptiness, or moral depravity.

I have come to the solid conclusion, this is because we are no longer thankful. We run on high demand of wanting it, and wanting it now. Who cares who we mow down as long as our dreams, needs, wants, and desires, get accomplished.

There are a million things to be thankful for, we are just not mindful of them. For example, let us say, that you are frustrated that your coffee is taking too long. Let us say for example you are in a Starbucks.First of all the first thing you can be thankful for is the fact you can afford a Starbucks. You must understand that majority of the world makes in a day what a Starbucks coffee costs. So, you therefore, are spending someone's entire day wage on one coffee. Secondly, you are impatient because you are in a hurry to either get to work, meet a friend, or do something with a family member. Now, you have the opportunity to be thankful that you have someone to meet. That the person you are meeting is alive. If you are meeting someone for work, you now can be thankful you have a job.

Now, that we have dealt with you, let's look outside of yourself. You can be thankful, that you can talk to the person in line. Listen to what they say. Now you can be grateful, you can listen that your ears are working. You can also be grateful, that you have the ability to talk and even stand in line.

Now, as you engage with the person in front of you. They might have a need or a concern that you can only fill. So, maybe God put you in that line for an exact reason. Maybe that you can be nice and kind, you can now have the ability to be pleasant with the person who is giving you a coffee. Knowing the barista cannot make as much as you, and since you can afford the coffee at Starbucks maybe you can give her a tip, or pay for the person behind you. After all maybe the person in front of you just told you that they are getting coffee for the person they are visiting at a hospital. Now you can be thankful for the fact you are healthy.

Now that you go back to work, and now you have realised one of your co-workers has not shown up in a few days, and you are thankful for the fact you are healthy, thankful for the person in line who put your life into perspective now maybe you can check up on your co-worker. You can also call your mom and just make sure she is okay. You are thankful that no one close to you is in the hospital.

Now, work is over. You are driving in traffic. You can be thankful you have a car. Many people around the world have to commute by walking. So, now you can be thankful your car is working. If you are on the bus be thankful you are not having to walk those many miles to work.

You get home. Be thankful you have a home with a someone greeting you. If not be thankful you are not having to deal with a bad spouse. Maybe you have kids, hug them, because someone else lost theirs to suicide or a tragic accident.

The measure of your thankfulness, will determine how much joy, you have in your life, and will increase your opportunities to be a blessing in others. Someone, will always have it better than you, but I promise you, someone will always have it worse than you. How you deal with the situation, will be determined how much thankfulness you pour into your life.

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