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Temperature Humidity

Temperature Humidity
The highest total bulb yield per hectare (17.41t/ha) was recorded with the plot that received the maximum applications of N (150 kgha-1)
Plant height, leaf diameter, leaf length, number leaves per plant, leaf sheath length, bolters percentage, days to physiological maturity, harvest index, mean bulb weight, bulb length, bulb diameter, TSS (oBrix), DMC (%) and bulb shape index. Similarly, keeping quality of the onion bulbs like bulb sprouts (%), weight loss (%), weeks to 50% bulb sprouts and storage rots (%) were highly influenced by application of N at different levels. The highest total bulb yield per hectare (17.41t/ha) was recorded with the plot that received the maximum applications of N (150 kgha-1). Maximum (150 kgha-1) application of N significantly increased bulb rots (%), bulb sprouts (%), weight loss (%) and shorten weeks to 50% bulb sprout during the two month storage time at ambient storage temperature and humidity.
Conflict of interest
Regarding the publication of this manuscript, there is no any conflict of interest.
We would heartedly like to thank and praise the Lord Almighty God in giving us strength and wellbeing to successfully complete the study. We also want to thanks for all Ambo University horticulture department staff for all their help and moral support. Finally, all the reference materials used in this paper are dully acknowledged.
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