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Tawa Tawa or (Snake Grass)

Tawa Tawa or (Snake Grass)
Tawa tawa is a basic herbal medicine.

Tawa tawa or (snake grass ) is a plant usually grows in the yard and in a common area like farm and garden. The scientific name of Tawa tawa is EUPHORBIA HIRTA . In 2010 more than 70, 000 cases of dengue fever were reported nationwide, and searching for dengue medicine also increased. The most popular ones that people have come to terms with the Tawa Tawa .

Many stories and romours have spread and many people have testified to the efficacy and tendency of Tawa Tawa against dengue fever or dengue virus and according to them , dringking of Tawa tawa juice, this raises the platelet count.

What is the truth here? Yes, Do we have evidence that Tawa tawa is effective against dengue.

Let face it. Our native physician has long known that Tawa tawa is a herbal medicine

According to the studies donevin Malaysia and France , it looks like the body has a lot of action. On basic test they found that it could lower fever, relieves the body, and suppresses imflammation of the body. These are preliminary finding are still needed by more studies , but the have shown that Tawa tawa is a basic medicine . In fact Tawa tawa can really help with dengue symptoms such as fever , body aches, headaches and more. But its not a bad idea , and it can also help with dengue symptoms. But we need to take it with a doctor consutation.

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