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Take it

I feel disgusted having something about you here.

Take it - Image 1

imma consider replying even tho i was talking abt them not you

but again theres something in your f up head that trigger you when you see something slutty lol

and you can’t seem to remember ive been with idk how many woman after you but yet you still think im talking about you

yea anw, bitch if you considered i was hitting you with those words

whats does this have to do with your success

im talking about being a f slut the act of it

and attacking me with stuff that arent failure youre mixed up

stop trying to prove to yourself some f up facts that only you from your f up perspective see

remind me again what you did on your last perspective what happened

see i havent dropped a single effort abt the year youre talking abt and yet still managed to do it like i did you a while

and when i wanted to actually drop a bit of effort i got what i wanted easily

learn to talk in front of peoplewhy you looking disgusted lol? you still shake when youre scared

success of what? leaving here ? you worked on every dream hein? having people around me love shit?

work on a big path first

you just left from a place to a place

a fuckin retarded head can do that

now dont say “thn i am a f retarded” cheap ass reply

thats a bright future yea, give me some

having friend? yea remind me one year from now

remember a year ago who you were friends with

loyal ass slut

you fucked your bestfriend’s bf what kind of friend you both are

twice different ones


I aint gonna say no more i literally feel like i am talking to an asshole, literally

and stop bragging abt leaving me again again

you left youre right, but how many times you came back?

shut up for once in your life learn to deepthroat yourself since you know how to fuck yourself

Im bored, im done, when i say youre a slut you are, you actually loved it you signed it

see whatever you do youll see me do what i say

without even noticing

just like all the things i said in your f up life will happen and did happen

and last but not least stop lying to yourself and everyone surrounding you

that shitty talk youre talking abt everyone might believe but know some simple thing i know way too much abt who you are i know a step from you what it means and i know what youre talking about to know the real truth so when you wanna say smthg think of a few times before you say it

P.S 1: if you reply reply on what i said, context ever heard of it, dont reply about saying what you want people to know about you and stuff you believe in and want people to believe in like your f up hallow success.

P.S 2 : Fuck off or die i feel like spitting when someone tell me abt you, move on, get over it, i dont wont will never write abt you, remember that when you stalk me.

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