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In 1st part of story of my life i met a guy and just doing some chill for know more read my blog....

Hello guys

Its Arpana, i'm just like that i tell you about my life, my experience towards the people whom i met....

First of all i am belong to a middle class family.....

So i lives in Varanasi...

The city of ghats and god shiva

STORY OF MY LIFE-1 - Image 1

Whithout feeling u all bored, let's get to the point...

When i was in class 8th i met a guy who was my first crush..

I see him from my tarrace....he also doing eye contact with me....

Before this I don't feel this type of feeling its totally new for me....

Then i was just 12 or 13 year in age and he was elder then me...

After doing eye contact for some days...we just started to talk in gestures.....

STORY OF MY LIFE-1 - Image 2

Because he was not there for many days this little crush is gonna end....

Its his vacation that he came to vns(Varanasi)

After 6-7 months he was coming again because its his dadi's house(Grand mother)

I am so happy to see him....

Actually i forget to tell u guys about his name and what he was doing at that time....

His name was


And he studied in class 11th when i was in 8th.... It soo funny na guys...

Btw i can explain the whole thing

Like everyday so please guys share my blog to your friends and someone special to know more about my life and my experience

share it guys to know with whom i physically connect...

Bye bye guys

Take care

See you all tomorrow

Love you all

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This blog is related to my personal experience, my life, the men whom i met, when i was dumb by someone one In simple words My experience towards people i met

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