Getting the Six Pack Abdominals
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Stays Together

Stays Together
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My name is Cleve Sharp. I have been inManifestation Magic Review ministry for 38 years. The last 23 years I have traveled serving the Church at large. Much of my time is given to building "Kingdom" relationships. My part is to help, strengthen, encourage, instruct, correct and serve those the Lord sends me too. Thank you for stopping by and God Bless you all for reading this. If this has ministered to you check out our website below.

Have you ever wondered how much "past lives" affect the life experience you are having now. Do you ever feel like you are paying some sort of painful "karmic debt" or dealing with "karmic retribution".

It's not that you are tied to your past lives in a way that means you have little or no control over the here and now, or that you have an agenda that must be dealt with, as dictated by your past lives. No. You are free and you have absolute, dominant control over your reaction to this experience (though you don't have control over everything that happens within it). However, just as your "childhood" experiences influence your reactions to events and circumstances in your present, your past lives can have an echo effect on your now. In other words, just as you are influenced by your childhood experiences, although in reality you have the ability to break free of any cycle if you can only become aware of it, the same is true of your past lives. Only, most of us are unaware most of the time.

It helps to understand that all that you are is the culmination of all that you have lived. YOU are the lump sum of your accumulation of knowledge and growth over the eons of your lifetimes (just as, on a conscious level, your today is the lump sum of all of your yesterdays and what you have learned from them). And therein lies expansion for you (your higher self).

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Many people feel that to get the big muscles one requires good diet and exercise. These are of course very important however;

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